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Finest Quality Decorative Plywood
and Woodworking Materials
Polylac Panels by Gizir
Vision Acrylic Panels by Gizir
Ultra High Gloss (UHG) Panels by Gizir
NEATFORM Bendy MDF by Neat Concepts
High Quality MDF Products by Spanolux
Albasia Plywood by InterGlobal Forest
Russian Birch by InterGlobal Forest

One of the world's leading manufacturers of furnishing supplies.

Gizir Overview About InterGlobal Forest

Focusing on decorative wood products.

Husky Plywood Overview

Quality wood products from around the world.

InterGlobal Forest Overview

Offering innovative panel products, machining and finishing services.


Offering various kinds of high quality MDF since 1998.

Spanolux Overview About InterGlobal Forest

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