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Gizir Ultra High Gloss (UHG) Panels: PVC-coated for Easy Maintenance

Gizir Ultra High Gloss (UHG) samples

Gizir Ultra High Gloss (UHG) is manufactured by the lamination of UHG PVC foil to the raw MDF or raw side of the one-sided laminated MDF. It’s used in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, hotel furniture, office furniture, cabinet doors and wall linings. It has a gloss surface. It’s resistant to water and moisture and easy to clean. UHG PVC edge bands are used for side covering.

UHG Panels are typically PVC or PET laminated on E-1 Type MDF.

High Gloss and Super Matte Panels are manufactured to meet internationally recognized quality standards and will suit any residential or commercial project where a ripple free, easy to maintain high gloss or matte finish is desired.


Gizir Ultra High Gloss (UHG) Characteristics

Width x Length (mm) 1220 x 2800
Thickness (mm) 18
Surface PVC
Edge Band PVC

Why Gizir Ultra High Gloss (UHG)?

  • PVC-coated
  • High-gloss finishing, gloss level 85-90 (ISO2813, 60°)
  • Backside matte color is same color as the surface
  • Good selection of shades and patterns

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