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Finest Quality Decorative Plywood
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High Quality MDF Products by Spanolux
Albasia Plywood by InterGlobal Forest
Russian Birch by InterGlobal Forest

Quality wood products from around the world.

InterGlobal Forest Overview

Offering various kinds of high quality MDF since 1998.

Spanolux Overview About InterGlobal Forest

Products by Country

ASIA - Hardwood Plywood
InterGlobal Forest

  • Species-Rotary: Birch, Maple, Red Oak, and Poplar
  • Dimensions: 2.7mm to 25mm in 4’x8’ Stock panels
  • Cores: FiberLam (MDF x-band VC), MDF, and VC
  • Glue: CARB Certified, E-1, E-2, Type II MR (Moisture Resistant), Type I Phenolic and Melamine

RUSSIA - Rotary Birch Plywood (Baltic Birch)
InterGlobal Forest

  • Species: Rotary Russian White Birch
  • Grades: B/BB, BB/BB, BB/CP
  • Dimensions: 6mm to 25mm in 60” x 60”; 12mm and 18mm in 48” x 96”
  • Cores: Rotary Russian White Birch
  • Glue: CARB Certified for 60” x 60”, Phenol WBP for 48” x 96"

SOUTH AMERICA - Hardwood Plywood
InterGlobal Forest

  • Species: Amescla, Bahama+Plus, Breu, Caucho, Elliotis Pine, and Virola
  • Dimensions: 5.2mm to 32mm (1-1/4”) in 4’x8’ to 4’x12’; 5’x8’ to 5’x12’ (12’ panels are scarf-jointed)
  • Cores: VC, UDC (Uni-Directional Core), and Calibrated Plywood
  • Glue: Type II MR (Moisture Resistant) and Type I WBP Exterior