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Finest Quality Decorative Plywood
and Woodworking Materials
NEATFORM Bendy MDF by Neat Concepts
High Quality MDF Products by Spanolux
Albasia Plywood by InterGlobal Forest
Russian Birch by InterGlobal Forest

Quality wood products from around the world.

InterGlobal Forest Overview

Offering innovative panel products, machining and finishing services.


Offering various kinds of high quality MDF since 1998.

Spanolux Overview About InterGlobal Forest

Inventory & Pricing

How do I search for a particular item in inventory?

To select for a particular species you can click the down arrow next to –Any Species listed under Current Inventory. Your selection will generate a list of current inventory. If no current stock is available for that particular item, a message will read No inventory data matched your request. At this time, you may want to contact the CMA Sales Representative for your area to get information on lead-time and availability.

How often is the inventory updated?

Inventory is updated and posted by 8:00am ET Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you have accessed inventory prior to this time you will have to refresh your browser window to view updates.

How long is price and availability guaranteed?

All items are subject to prior sale and price changes without notice.

What does "Program Purchase Only” mean?

Crown Marketing offers special programs to select customers who provide unique items to their end user. If you are interested in a program item please contact the CMA Sales Representative for your area.

Are the prices listed FOB warehouse or delivered?

All prices are FOB loaded truck. You may contact you sales representative for delivered quotes and prices.